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Heart-warmingly vulgar comedienne Roseanne Barr is making headlines again, and it's with a blog. The LA Times wonders if Barr is drunk when she posts items online after a series of screeds about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She is, then she obviously understands blogging for what it is: Part self-promotion, part maniacal delusion, and all about making a scene as publicly as possible. The Huffington Post has proven profitable with its own stable of celebrity bloggers and an anti-Republican slant similar to, but far less entertaining than, Barr's — but then, the Huffington post also gets free labor from hundreds of other, less famous bloggers. So why are celebrities in the blogodrome so easy to resent?Because celebrities have every other possible medium in which to broadcast their feelings and opinions, from movies to television, newspapers to magazines. Why would I want to read John Cusack's opinions about why the war in Iraq is bad, when I can go see his terrible movie about it? Either way, I'm almost guaranteed not to laugh. Responding to the brouhaha over her blog, Barr at least makes me chuckle:

i do not know brangelina and do not mean to personally impugn them as they might be good people in the flesh, but the media's images of them are smelly and vile, and I must always attack the media's representation of what is good or cool, because those who inhabit the media world of glamour and entertainment and fashion and gossip are horrid people who have no talent of any kind, and yet think of themselves as tastemakers. taste my sandy buttcrack, tmz, and perez!

See, she hates the "mainstream media," but she's not boring. And after all, Barr's celebrity status was already an anomaly in Hollywood, where aging, overweight women are meant to play the cuddly matriarchs of nuclear families, not leading roles in sitcoms. Barr's Roseanne was a paean to working class America, and while too trite by half these days compared to the hard-hitting social commentary on The Wire, at the time it was unique. So while for the most part I would suggest celebs go on their merry way to produce regular old Hollywood schlock and leave the blogging to the creative underclass, I heartily welcome Barr into the authentic blogger mold. She even has an RSS feed! Now slap some ads on that site, Roseanne, and start complaining about how little money you can earn from Google with the rest of us. (Photo by Getty/Todd Williamson)