It appears that the website Cute Overload is becoming a plushie-fueled media empire, judging by the story in the Times this morning. The Cute Overload calendar sold out on Amazon within 24 hours, advertising to its overwhelmingly female audience can cost $2,000 per week and the site claims 88,000 unique visitors daily, "about the same as the political gossip blog Wonkette." The Times says the site is a respite from the "vicious gossip" elsewhere (ahem) but really it's pretty much a respite from anything, up to and including all the bad news in the morning newspaper. It won't be long before a bitter laid-off reporter points the finger at Overload and all the other LOL-ish animal internet media for taking away his livelihood. And then perhaps he'll make it his mission to uncover the hidden truth about why Winston is such an angry widdle kitteh! [Times]