Five Irresponsible Celebrity Endorsements The public irritation with Michael Phelps gathers steam! Instead of being on the Wheaties box like a real American champion, Phelps has signed on to endorse Frosted Flakes. Yes: Michael Phelps wants your kids to choke down these sugar-encrusted corn scabs rather than the high fiber of Wheaties. The papers already found some doctors to condemn him . Though we shouldn't be surprised considering Phelps' addiction to Big Macs , the goofy-ass swimmer really should have been smarter in terms of his image. After the jump, five more idiotic celebrity endorsements that can't be explained by mere logic: 1. Wu-Tang Clan endorses St. Ides Malt liquor advocacy is not a positive move for the knowledge gods. On the other hand, Wu-Tang really doesn't give a fuck. 2. Pope Leo XIII endorses Vin Mariani cocaine-laced wine. Popes back in the day were far easier to buy than they are now. Leo the drunk cokehead even appeared in a poster for this one: Five Irresponsible Celebrity Endorsements 3. Lucille Ball endorses Phillip Morris You knew the people loved you, Lucy! But you still endorsed cigarettes. Later you died of an aneurysm. Sad. Here's a clip on some other celebrity cigarette endorsers with smoking-related deaths: 4. Ryan Lochte endorses McDonalds Just to prove that Michael Phelps isn't the only US gold medal swimmer endorsing junk food: his teammate Ryan Lochte is a paid endorser for McD's fast food! Backlash :

When Mr. Lochte - whose McDonald's deal puts his image on packaging - apparently looked sluggish in one of his races, commentators wondered if his diet may have been a factor.
Burn , McDonalds. 5. Dale Earnhardt endorses "Big Mo" Candy Bar. Dude.