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"HEIDI KLUM AND SEAL’S LOVE STORY INSPIRES TERRENCE HOWARD’S NEW SONG" reads an Extra e-mail alert landed recently in the always lively Defamer tips box. Needless to say, we dove hungrily into the story, and learned that the girl-germ-phobic Crash star has his own album coming out—"Shine Through It"—led by a single called "Sanctuary" that was indeed inspired by the timeless romance of the pop singer and Project Runway host. Like us, Howard must have also been watching that Oprah episode when Klum recalled first laying eyes on her husband, sauntering through a hotel lobby in bicycle shorts: "[H]e came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, wow. And I pretty much saw everything. The whole package." It was an electrifying moment, captured for eternity by Howard's haunting lyric, "His pants were/elastic/the bulge was/fantastic/Ohhhh sanctuary/Their love goes on." [Extra]