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An eagle-eyed reader spotted a shot of what looked to them like a giant cupcake building in downtown San Francisco, and immediately Google's cupcake princess Marissa Mayer came to mind. Credit-card giant Visa has recently started running an ad with lots of everyday-but-oversized objects populating urban areas (we've searched in vain on YouTube and among sites that cater to ad agencies for the full video). Based on the street furniture, I'd say it's not San Francisco. But is the connection so far-fetched?Mayer is well known both for her love of cupcakes and the the "pink power" girliness of Sex and The City. I could see a commissioned installation in the trite, childish style of international art superstars Jeff Koons or Claes Oldenburg. San Francisco still doesn't have a Frank Gehry, and frankly, a giant cupcake wouldn't be half as ugly as the Experience Music Project building in Seattle sponsored by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. Could be high time for Mayer, the newest member of SFMOMA's board, to make a dent on the skyline. Maybe a new storefront location for the pastry-sculpting business Mayer owns with Shinmin Li, I Dream of Cake?