There lots of blind items yesterday, and many disparate theories abounded. But you all seemed to agree that the comedian whose slutty, "coke fiend" of an assistant is the reason his marriage ended is none other than Mr. Robin Williams. Nanu Nanuuuu... For today we have Olympic rivalries, a bitchy TV personality, and two actresses with a little-more-than friendship that's on the rocks. 1) "Which two perky Olympian teammates are really bitter rivals? One spiked the other's protein shake with laxatives before a big competition, but her plan backfired when her nemesis not only powered through the competition but beat her so-called friend anyway." [NYDN] 2) "Which popular TV personality is decidedly less popular with his production crew? Not only is he incredibly rude, he also makes work experience lackeys do all his research for him." [Mirror] 3) "I always thought that one day these two female B list actresses (#1-tv and film equally; #2 primarily tv) with almost identical careers who are best friends would get married. Well, they still might actually, but for now they are on the outs. If I could cackle right now, I would. The two have been known to vacation with each other. However, when it came time to go this year, #1 thought she was going to have other plans, so #2 made plans with some other celebrities, because that's what celebrities do. They vacation together. Well, when #1's plans fell through she naturally thought she could tag along. Not so fast. Turns out #2, et al didn't want #1 around and #2 didn't hold back in telling her why. As in 30 minutes of telling off. Should have done that a really long time ago." [CDaN]