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How badly did Yahoo's departing SVP Todd Teresi want out of the company? AdAge reports the former head of Yahoo's ad-network business took an offer to become chief revenue officer for startup Web metrics firm Quantcast, which doesn't sell any product yet and faces entrenched competition from Nielsen, ComScore and Hitwise, among others. To hear it from Teresi, it doesn't sound like the company has any clear idea on what its eventual product will be."We're not going into the ad-network business, so to speak," Mr. Teresi told AdAge. "We look at how we enable the existing players to have a better digital-advertising opportunity." We're sure Teresi's telling family and friends that its the thrill and flexibility of startup life that prompted the move. And yes, probably startup life is better than working for the doomed to depart in disgrace Sue Decker these days. But we're still betting that when Teresi saw top management's new favorite exec former Right Media CEO Mike Walrath was moving to the Bay Area, Teresi went back and listened to a few old saved messages from a headhunter or two.