Gossip Girl Stars Reenact Sweepingly Gay Period Drama When we first saw the photos of Gossip Girl stars Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick lounging on the grass between takes-as louche and laissez-faire as two successful young men in the primes of their lives can be-something about the photos struck as familiar. But we weren't quite sure what it was until today, when a helpful tipster pointed us in the right direction. It's straight out of Brideshead: Revisited ! Specifically a scene from the Jeremy Irons miniseries based on the Evelyn Waugh novel about class and religion and forbidden desire . Chace is the timid but fascinated Charles Ryder, Ed is the aristocratic seen-it-all-except-it Sebastian Flyte. Hopefully no Julia or Lady Marchmain will come between them this time. [Brideshead photo from tipster, other via Bauer-Griffin]