No, silly. Not the boudoir. But since we've been treated to tours of virtually every room in Molly McAleer's spacious manse this week, we thought it was high time to do an MTV Cribs style tour of, you guessed it, Molly's fridge. If you've been wondering what kind of sustenance fuels the nightly To Do's on Defamer, wonder no more. From oysters flown in fresh from PEI to the delectable truffles hailing from the Tuscan province, take a whirl through her Frigidaire (and take a gander at what's going on in Los Angeles this evening) after the jump. Enjoy!· Kosher Komedy at the Laugh Factory. · Christmas is Ruined at UCB. · Bury the Dead at the Substation. · The Walkmen at the Troubadour.