Though the new 90210 has booked Jennie Garth for a major recurring role and relegated Shannen Doherty to only a handful of episodes, it's the latter who merits "icon" status according to this brand-new CW promo. In it, Doherty shows up in special new footage taped just for you (but not for you, Tori), coyly flipping her hair as she asks the camera, "Miss me?" While we do, Shannen, we must remind you that there's someone in the 90210 cast who tops even you in our estimation: Jessica Walter, aka Lucille freakin' Bluth. While we're certain that she's the last actor the CW cares to build a promo around (even Mark the Cobrasnake would probably get one first), to us, she's the show's true, alcoholic icon. CW, hear our cry for footage of Walter, or we'll be forced to mount a "Save our Bluths" campaign the likes of which even EW cannot contain. [The CW]