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Though he can usually be found perched upon his yacht in the still, blue waters of Lake Como, even a movie star like George Clooney must occasionally climb inside a car like a common plebe. When he does, accidents happen (though none on the level of Ocean's Twelve), and they could happen to you — that is, if you're an unnamed woman in Pennabilli, Italy. According to Showbiz Spy, Clooney recently rear-ended the woman (ahem) and he made it up to her in a major way:

Clooney accepted the blame for the incident - and made the generous gesture of giving her a brand new car. When the woman went to collect her vehicle from the repairers, she discovered the movie star had splashed out $28,000 on a new replica of her Lancia Ypsilon model. And he had even left her a note of apology on the windscreen, saying: "I'm so sorry. Hope you'll forgive me. George Clooney."

Meanwhile, ex-girlfriend Sarah Larson inhaled sharply on her Camel Light, muttering, "He gave me the exact same goddamned note, Unnamed Woman — and if I got a car for every time I got rear-ended in Italy, you think I'd have to settle for Playboy and a stint on Fear Factor?" [Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin]