How to sell Windows Vista to white people Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to buff the image of its startingly unpopular operating system, Windows Vista . Nothing so far has worked. Don't worry, Apple and Linux fans — Microsoft is not doing anything threatening, such as actually improving the software.Instead, the company is paying aging comedian and (reformed?) Mac enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld $10 million to be the product's spokesmonkey. At least one of the ads looks like it was shot against a Brooklyn backdrop by Michel Gondry, the french auteur beloved by white people . Who's responsible for this sudden rush to be hip? This sounds like the work of Alex Bogusky , the studvertiser at Mac-worshipping ad firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky . Guess Gondry won't be touring Apple stores to promote his next film. (Photo by AP/Franka Bruns)