So the "really angry" e-mail sent out to New York magazine's freelancers and others—warning them to stop using their New York associations to get into events—wasn't so mean after all. It's just that "at least one party crasher and one overly ambitious editor" have been getting, well, a bit overly ambitious! Click for the memo. Update: we think we know who the party crasher is!

————— Forwarded message ————— From: Yuan, Jada Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 1:39 PM Subject: Survey (unnecessary stuff redacted—Ed): Two other things: It's come to my attention that at least one party crasher and one overly ambitious editor have been using these listings to get into events, so I'm going to have to start removing contact info. I'll provide that upon assignment..

So nice try, crashers, but she's onto you. So are we! From a tipster:

"Jada's party crasher Is a man who tries to RSVP under the name Daniel Hartman, obvs trying to play of Darrell Hartman's name since Jada uses him to cover sometimes.
He recently tried to do it for an event I was doing, for which Jada had already rsvp'd too. So I emailed and asked her if she was sending a freelancer, she wasn't and wasn't happy about it.
He also claimed to write for the "Style" section of NYM, um, what? There isn't one idiot."