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The women who bravely gave up their anonymity to appear in today's Times story about the "support group" they belong to, Dating a Banker Anonymous? Presumably they did so knowing that they would catch some flak from ignorant people who just don't appreciate the unique trauma of having "your monthly Bergdorf's allowance" halved, and should be applauded all the more for that. After all, have you walked in their $450 shoes from last season?

At—described as "a safe place where women can come together—free from the scrutiny of feminists—and share their tearful tales of how the mortgage meltdown has affected their relationships"—these innocent casualties expound upon the challenges they face, and take strength from each other. "Like artists in a communist regime," say the organization's founders Megan and Laney, "we've fallen from grace." To extend their pithy analogy, thank goodness they're not actually persecuted, censored, or driven from the country. However appealing that might sound.

It's the Economy, Girlfriend [NYT]