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The coolest person to be friends with right now? Michelle Obama, of course. But unless you attended Harvard Law with Michelle or Oprah intervenes on your behalf, it's unlikely you're going to suddenly strike up a friendship with the First Lady. Allow us to present an alternative: Call up Sheena Harrell. She's a part-time Michelle Obama lookalike and if you get Sheena to show up to a party, your guests will think you're much more important than you really are. Plus she also happens to be a Christian minister and motivational speaker, and while her religious faith may prevent her from becoming the life of the party—and may make her a less-than-ideal fit for a Bar Mitzvah—her motivational skills should be useful if you're trying to get people to participate in a silent auction. Not planning an event but still want to lead people into thinking you're tight with the White House? Ask Sheena to be your friend on Facebook.