It was the eye-roll heard around the world (yes, you can hear an eye-roll — it sounds like a faint, wet "oh snap"): while doing a Good Day LA interview to promote Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, America Ferrera looked alternately bored and incredulous as costar Blake Lively nattered on about upcoming plotlines on Gossip Girl. The open mocking of the CW drama (without a single, hasty addendum of, "But it's a guilty pleasure!") sent New York's media world reeling, desperate to protect the scrappy little show that it had clutched to its bosom for so long. To that end, EW dispatched Michael Ausiello to corner Lively in an attempt to determine whether the actress now harbored anti-America sentiment:

"No, I haven't even heard about it. I don't ever pay attention to that stuff. She's one of my best friends in the whole world, and honestly, when you're sitting in a room for three hours doing satellite interviews — we were staring at a Post-It with a smiley face — so I think I probably rolled my eyes a hundred times, just sitting there, like, oh gosh! This thing is still going on!"
Still, we smell an opening for Gossip Girl's ad campaign, which delights in pulling quotes from the drama's negative reviews (something that gives creator Josh Schwartz some agita ). What better way to reinforce the show's mean girl motif than to add Ferrera's eye roll to the mix?

In the Name of the Sisterhood, Blake Lively Forgives America Ferrera Her Eye-Roll

CW, you can thank us later.