Andrew Baron is the founder of "daily Internet culture" website Rocketboom. He's also the son of lawyer and former John Edwards finance Fred Baron — you know, the guy who saved Edwards by not being able to remember anything about paying for Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter's living quarters and lawyer. And it looks like Andrew has been blogging up a storm lately about his dad, according to Deceiver and Valleywag—which may or may not be advisable!Our own Dads would ream our ass if we ever pulled a stunt like that, which makes us wonder: is Baron's Dad OK with this? Is he in fact condoning it, using his son as a mouthpiece to spread his message of ignorant innocence about the whole affair? Blogs Andrew: "Update: I just spoke with my dad. He said that he had no knowledge whatsoever of John Edwards [sic] affair and just learned about it for the first time about 2 weeks ago." Perfect. So, Edwards has already established that he had no idea that Rielle Hunter was being given hush money. And Fred Baron only vaguely recalls giving money to people, sort of. So everyone's safe! This is either a huge lie, or clueless, lawyerly "don't want to know." Probably the latter. Related: