· It sure is nice to see Vin, Paul, and Michelle back where they belong: Safely penned away in a trailer for some movie we'll never see that doesn't come out for a very long time. [/Film] · Optical illusion time: Do you see Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor nuzzling noses, or a beautiful vase? It all depends upon where you focus! [My New Plaid Pants] · We knew there was a reason we were compelled to play Connect 4 with our four best friends while eating a Kit Kat bar on a four-seat couch whenever we watch The Tonight Show! [iBored] · $800,000-per-ep man Charlie Sheen has a fourth [Ed. note: Gasp! The Tonight Show Curse again!] child on the way, which, amazingly, has already appeared in utero on an episode of Denise Richards: It's Complicated. [USA Today] ·Everything about Love 'n Licks makes us uncomfortable. [YouTube]