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Marisa Noel Brown has been keeping busy. Despite the fact her father and husband have seen their reputations go up in smoke the last few weeks, face a slew of lawsuits, and will probably never live down the shame of having enabled Bernie Madoff for so long, the society fixture has made it to two events over the past week or so, including the Gilt Group's anniversary party last Thursday and yesterday's Junior Collector's Night at Doubles. Unfortunately, her peers haven't been quite as thrilled by her presence, at least judging by the look on Jennifer Creel's face, who'd probably rather be sticking pins in her eyes rather than stand next to Brown, but who manages to put on a brave nonetheless. Commenters on the socialite blog Park Avenue Peerage haven't been any kinder: "Marisa get out!!! You should have be in jail!!! Take all you family with you!!!!" says one. But at least Marisa was thoughtful enough to wear black, no?