Facebook founder marks 100 million users with a profile update Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg announced that the site had reached a nice, round 100 million active users by way of a status update on his profile. Though he may have been scooped by Dave Morin, a senior manager in Facebook's platform group — on Twitter . Which should make for an awkward meeting. Marketing at least used the right tools to trumpet Facebook's reach, but they might also expect a grumpy young master soon, too. Why?Facebook founder marks 100 million users with a profile update The number is higher by 10 million than the 90 million figure cited in the copy of an ad appearing in feeds for, yes, Facebook's advertising program. Zuckerberg's profile also lets us know that his interests include "eliminating desire for all that really doesn't matter." I'm guessing he heard that at the ashram . Meanwhile, the site reminds me that sixteen of my friends have installed the Facebook application for the iPhone. So don't worry, advertisers: The site may not have it's numbers quite straight, but you can rest assured that Zuckerberg's quasi-spiritual minimalism fetish won't make him stop you from cluttering our lives with appeals to our insecurities.