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Adeo Ressi, founder of TheFunded, an acerbic site where entrepreneurs review venture capitalists, dropped by the office of McDonough Holland & Allen the other day. That law firm represents EDF Ventures, which is the VC firm that's to be avoided unless you're "desperate," according to TheFunded's users. EDF is suing in order to reveal the identity of a critic who posted a poor review of the Michigan-based fund for misrepresentation. A common practice among VCs embarrassed by bad reviews.Ressi had the cheek to make a little video where he personally delivers the documents EDF requested. He assures the audience that they contain no information that will identify "John Doe," the unnamed defendant in the suit. The smiling Ressi makes a thumbs-up gesture at the end, clearly mocking the litigants. It also suggests that such charming and friendly customer service can be yours if you pay to promote your fund on the site.