Kirsten Dunst's Mack Daddy

  • Fresh off a breakup with Drew Barrymore, Justin Long made out with Kirsten Dunst. He likes them (barely) sober! [R&M]
  • Paris Hilton congratulated Britney Spears on not being fat and crazy anymore. Yes, Paris, undermine her some more. Maybe suggest another genius move like that vag flash. [OK!]
  • Now Victoria's Secret models think they can auction their baby pictures to celebrity magazines? Please let them be so very wrong. [P6]
  • John McCain's people found a new way to arrange words to make it sound like Barack Obama approved the stupid video Madonna made comparing McCain to Hitler. It goes like this: "It's not surprising that Barack Obama and his fellow celebrities stick together." Us Weekly fact-checks this spin with... a link to "See photos of Barack Obama's biggest celebrity fans." Sigh. [Us]
  • Members of the cast of Real Housewives Of NYC attended a wedding together and supposedly behaved in the various terrible ways one might expect. Someone knocked over some drums and someone else was trying to make out with everyone. Or at least that's what someone wants us all talking about. [P6]
  • Andy Dick's about to have one of his epic "I just dodged a felony" parties. [Us]