Here's a fun video of Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews of MSNBC being vicious and bitchy to one another when they're supposed to be discussing the Democratic National Convention yesterday. All you really need to know is that all three men hate each other, although you might as well learn why, since we had to: Scarborough and Olbermann are blowhards from opposite sides of the political spectrum, Matthews thinks Scarborough is too partisan and Matthews and Olbermann constantly try to out-wonk one another out of insecurity. Everyone's big egos might be good for ratings, but they're making it very hard to cover the convention. Matthews was heckled by Hillary Clinton supporters, Olbermann briefly recused himself from gushing about Michelle Obama because he realized he sounded like a "sycophant" and Scarborough got into the middle of the fracas shown in the video. Be sure to stick around for the Matthews-Scarborough nastiness at the end. (Click the video icon to watch.) [YouTube via TVNewser]