Lindsay Lohan denies coke-fueled affair with Terry Semel's daughter Former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel's daughter Courtenay told what reports call a "friend" that she and actress Lindsay Lohan met a party in the summer of 2006 and attending parties together "where they kissed and touched each other in the corner and did lines of cocaine in the toilet." Lohan denies the account: "No, that's not true." The friend says Courtenay thinks the drugs were Lohan's way of coping with a lesbian desires that she feared would ruin her career."At the time she was terrified her career would be over if she revealed her sexual tendencies," Courtenay told this "friend," who also says that "Courtenay still can't understand how Lindsay is now so open with [her current live-in girlfriend] Samantha [Ronson]," says the pal. "Every time she sees a picture of them together it kills her." Take heart, Courtenay. Daddy feels the same way about MySpace cuddling up with News Corp. At least you've got Tila Tequila . (Photos by AP and Getty)