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You missed your chance to swoop in like a vulture and take advantage of some of the poor souls who lost everything to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Over the weekend, Palm Beach's Kofski Antiques held a two-day "Madoff Estate" sale and offered up the possessions of two Madoff investors who lost their fortunes as part of the alleged fraud. Included in the mix was a $3,000 mink coat and $3,850 crystal horse head. Then there there was this set of Eureka Grand Baroque Sterling flatware, which went for a mere $350. Don't be too disappointed if you missed out, though. Kofski's owner says he has another Madoff sale in the works, as well as a sale by a "top executive of Lehman Brothers." Excellent! We're totally buying one of Dick Fuld's old squash racquets.