At DNC, Google beckons bloggers with happy endings Have you heard about Google's "Big Tent," the $100 luxury newsroom Google has set up for bloggers at the Democratic National Convention? If not, here's another story on the Internet where reporters go, Oh man, Google is totes on the pulse, giving all the intrepid young blogger kids at the Democratic National Convention this week a safe place to get massaged for free by ladies and plug in their 'iPones" — read the label — while they change the world together!At DNC, Google beckons bloggers with happy endings And hey look, Craig Newmark ! And Digg is there , too, suggesting Google might have been serious about buying them when they planned this event. Upload your video to YouTube with this "YouTube Upload Station . The YouTube Upload Station is so much more than a MacBook with a T1 connection because it is a democracy engine. Go, Google. Go, Barack. Go, getting praise in all the papers for reaching out with social media . But please, massages from a company that misspells iPhone? Save that for the Republicans. (Photos by Steve Rhodes)