So we're a little late to the game on this, but salaries for each of The Hills' principles were recently leaked by In Touch and now we've got a handy dandy chart! (Made by our Photoshop whiz Steven Dressler.) Look at their big dumb heads! It's like some sort of hell-crafted Mt. Rushmore! And look, as the sizes get smaller, how much more we're actually "interested." I'd watch a whole show of Lo and Whitney (but not Brody. Never, ever Brody)! Though I am curious about someone like Spencerina, Spencer's dimbulb sister? Does she get paid or is she-Clint Howard-esque-just allowed to hang around the set, getting nothing more than a free sandwich each day?

Lauren "Lowest Common Denominator" Conrad: $75k/ep Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, MTV's Burns & Allen: $65k/ep Audrina "Audy" Patrdige, Lady Mumbles: $35k/ep Whitney "Guildenstern" Port: $20k/ep Brody Jenner, Son of Some Dude: $10k/ep Lo (don't hurt me): $10k/ep