The New Yorker brought to our attention two Dartmouth grads (of course) who call themselves the "Typo Eradication Advancement League." They traveled cross-country for three months, correcting typos as they went! It was blogged, and the little twerps were thankfully busted for "correcting" historic signage in the Grand Canyon. Christ, these people are annoying.They sound like commenters when you guys get on my ass for making typos. (Whaddya want? I don't have a copy editor and apparently I can't fuckin' read, I know it! Love you anyway. ;) ) Regardless, misspelled signs are part of this country's charms—I especially enjoy the ones in big cities painted and misspelled by foreigners new to the English language. Stunts like these are another reason why recent college grads are so unsufferable and arrogant elitists who will soon be humbled once they join the workforce. They got schooled, though: according to the New Yorker, "After pleading guilty to conspiracy to vandalize government property-they had relocated a wayward apostrophe and inserted a comma-the young grammarians were barred from national parks for a year." Good. And take your Wite-Out (TM) with you!