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Seven former NFL football players — including Drew Bledsoe — are suing UBS, a Swiss bank, for investing their money in collapsed electronic-payments firm Pay By Touch. They claim the bank neglected to mention that Pay By Touch's founder, alleged cocaine addict John Rogers, was once charged with a felony. We'd love to know how an investment bank's lawyers would have framed this disclaimer in legalese.Before he raised some $300 million for Pay By Touch, and then pissed it away on ill-thought-out acquisitions, John Rogers was charged with destroying an ex-girlfriend's kitchen and threatening to make her life a "living hell." (The conviction, the company liked to note, was converted from a felony to a misdemeanor.) If you're a football fan, you know the plaintiffs' names — Drew Bledsoe, Rick Mirer, Craig Nall, Alex Van Pelt and Mark Campbell. If you're not, just believe me when I say they were about as good on the football field as they are with their money. (Photo by AP/Widman)