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If you thought Anne Hathaway had bad luck with boyfriends, we're hearing more today about her even trickier track record with politicians: Skeevy, lying, disingenuous heartbreakers whose hollow promises ring in her ears long after they've been exiled to retirement, disgrace and worse. Honey, we know! We even relate a bit to her early skepticism of Sen. Barack Obama, recalled this week in Denver: "I was kind of afraid of Obama the first time I saw him. ... And I was afraid to trust him and I was afraid to have hope when I first kind of became aware of him." But now, with most of her diaries, nude photos and other personal effects safely in federal custody, what matters most is who's minding the store in Washington. Which means exactly the mile-high rebound it sounds like — coming around on Obama and signing on for the long election slog ahead. And feeling good doing it, if her new, unapologetic take on celebrity politics is any indication:

[Hathaway] said she isn't against the idea of celebrities being politically active. She said there is a perception that "we're all out of touch. How could we possibly have an awareness of what real Americans feel and think and need because we just ride around in limos and - I don't know - buy diamonds all day long? "But I don't know anyone like that," Hathaway went on. "I'm certainly not like that. I'm a passionate American, and that's what I am first and foremost."

We think Anne might actually know someone like that, but whatever — he's Italian. We all know how that goes.