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Our summary of social-network operator Ning's tiff with a widgetmaker sparked a vicious name-calling riot in the comments. Elvenjewel became today's featured commenter by providing a helpful summary of the fracas, which proved more interesting than the Ning dispute:

And the Battle of the Sexes is on! In one corner, @michaellamb states the obvious: that the woman is getting the press because she's easy on the eyes, not because she's competent. @kimbjo wades in and shows her great vocabulary with this zinger: "And enough woman bashing you misogynist misanthrope." Oh, and for the less literate, she has just accused him of not JUST hating women, but hating ALL humankind! @leahculver joins in that said lady is edu-muh-cated, unlike most Valley CEOs????? (That's a story all by itself, Owen!) Oh, and she can't resist calling him a "jealous sexist asshole." @kimbjo also can't resist comparing the WidgetLab guys to a "disgrunted ex boyfriend," a high school one no less. (You don't have fond high school memories, then?) @skycut then confuses the issue by calling Gina a GUY (perhaps this is a creative attempt at staking out neutral territory). @michaellamb, undaunted by this very serious drubbing from the chicks, comes back and basically says, it isn't that she's a WOMAN, dumbasses; it's that she SCREWED UP. And @emnem follows up with the most beautiful, detailed heartfelt rant against feminism I have ever had the pleasure of reading. To which @raincoaster rejoins that she doesn't fuck her boss and none of her friends do either, and that @emnem must patronize two-bit whores. And @michaellamb makes one last plea: it's what she did, is anybody listening? Terrific wank; good job everybody, and it's a very sad day when I have to satirize the Valleywag commenters. Please don't make me do this again. Thanks.