American Apparel CEO Dov Charney acted out as a young man before he became a defiant adult fashion maven. Everyone knows this. So why is he "super pissed off and embarrassed" and "ranting and raving," according to an associate, about a scene from an absurdist documentary that reveals him as a crafty, charismatic little capitalist? In 20th Century Chocolate Cake, a young Charney talks about how he hides money from the redistributionist staff at his "communist" summer camp and about how all the food in his care package was given away to ungrateful poors. Maybe Charney's worried his childhood ramblings will tarnish the labor-friendly American Apparel brand. He should just be grateful he didn't talk about anything else he may have done at summer camp. UPDATE: The credits in the video above misspell the name of the filmmaker. It is Lois Siegel. [Anittah Patrick]