Why Can't Harvard Cops Stop Harassing Black People? A mere days after winning, in a shocking upset, that prestigious US News award, Harvard University finds itself the center of a terrible controversy! Are the Harvard Campus Police racist? President Drew Gilpin Faust (!) sent out an email to students announcing the creation of a commission to review "complaints that officers have unfairly stopped black students, professors, and other university community members because of their race." Now, I know what you are thinking. Sure, Boston is a hugely white town in which cops are probably a little less savvy about the "racial profiling" than most, but what kind of professor gets mistaken for a sundry hoodlum?? Come on in, I will show you!Why Can't Harvard Cops Stop Harassing Black People? This guy! He teaches neuroscience. Harvard cops stopped him in 2004 after mistaking him for a robbery suspect. Nice going! Suffice it to say, there is a lot to say about the subject of race in elite higher education, and a lot has been said, so I'll just exit this post with this message for the Harvard campus police: black people make up a whole eight percent of the Harvard student body . So next time you happen to be scanning campus grounds and find your eye fixing on a potentially suspicious person, about whom you know nothing but who for whatever reason does not look like he of she belongs , ask yourself, "Is the person black?" If so, chances are he is just a harmless student or professor! And carry on.