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· Tyler Perry, whose syndicated sitcom House of Payne could wind up earning him $200 million, now has a series pickup from TBS for a show based on Meet the Browns. Asked how he'd spend all this money, Perry squealed, "Zac Posen said he'd custom-design me a whole line of frumpy dresses. How 'bout that for starters?!" [Variety] · Meanwhile, on the movie front, former co-president of Paramount production Alli Shearmur has hopped aboard Tyler Perry Productions vanity imprint Lionsgate, where she'll oversee a slate of six-to-eight releases a year. [Variety] · Warners will produce Coco Avant Chanel, with Audrey Tautou playing the legendary fashion designer. No word yet on who'll play her little dog. [Variety] · Burn After Reading's world premiere was the hot ticket at the Venice Film Festival, where crowds four-deep piled around the red carpet to cheer on guests of honor Brad Pitt and George Clooney, screaming, "Hey—whatever happened to that gay bed and breakfast you guys were fixing up? Is that still happening?" [THR] · ABC ordered another season of Here Come the Newlyweds, a fun twist on the honeymoon game show genre that requires couples to swap sexual partners, then hunt each other to the death with assault rifles on "human newlywed game preserves." [THR]