Steve Cuozzo in the Post hates Wikipedia, that "engine of ignorance 'compiled by volunteers' and masquerading as a legitimate reference work." He's right! It gets things about New York City all wrong, as he points out—not just wrong, but "notoriously wrong-headed."Among its many crowdsourced errors:

"Other entries read like dumb bus-tour guides' off-base spiels. One states that the East Village "is considered part of the Lower East Side" - by morons, maybe, but not by anyone who has ever crossed Houston Street. Nor was the East Village "formerly known as the Bowery." ...It's such an incoherent maze of mangled chronology and outright falsehoods, you don't know where to laugh first. For starters, there's no "residential tower" planned at Ground Zero. A museum will not highlight "many of the different aspects of the past and future World Trade Centers." The Port Authority did not "organize a competition through the LMDC" to come up with a master plan in 2002 - it was entirely the work of the LMDC."?

Oh, man. He's going to be up 'til at least midnight trying to correct all these things.