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It's been nearly a month since it was reported that Tinsley Mortimer and her husband, Topper, were divorcing. And Tinsley is still missing in action! She skipped the screening of Our City Dreams this week, which was surprising considering it was sponsored by Dior Beauty. (Tinsley, of course, is a Dior Beauty Ambassador). She hasn't been photographed once in 2009; in fact, it's been 52 days since a photo of her has popped up on But she should know that she's very much missed. Indeed one fan of the blonde socialite who commented earlier seems downright despondent about her absence from the social scene:

A Dior Beauty event and no Tinsley in sight? She has been MIA for too long now. As if the economy isn't depressing enough. We need you back out there, Tins! We need your sunshine!

We agree! We'd call her to check in and make sure she's doing okay, but she disconnected her number recently. So like everyone else, we're left to wait and wonder. Unless, that is, you happen to have seen her the last few weeks, in which case you should email us with an update.

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