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Steve Rattner is the very prominent financier, the man who manages Michael Bloomberg's money, and a leading candidate to fill the post of "car czar" in the Obama administration. The nomination process, however, has stalled in recent weeks, according to today's Journal, and now there's a possible explanation for the delay: Rattner's wife, Maureen White, was arrested for drunk driving in October. Ironic, yes, and probably most unwelcome news for President Obama considering how many controversies have already been stirred up by his nominations over the past few days. But there's another layer of mystery to the story.

It seems the New York Daily News ran the story about White's arrest back in October, but later removed the article from its site. And the Post and New York Times never covered it, which might have just been an oversight or part of some vast conspiracy, suggests Michael Wolff who first revealed news of White's arrest (and who, not coincidentally, has had a running feud with Rattner for years). Whatever the Daily News' reason for pulling it, it's safe to say that it wasn't because the story was wrong. Wolff has the back-up evidence here.

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