Movie-like occurrence of the day: Pirates, for fuck's sake, have robbed a posh 178-foot party yacht moored off Corsica, making off with a freaking fortune. In the past the boat has hosted Jack Nicholson, Armani, and Puff Daddy, among others. Will the publicity surrounding this daring act of Robin Hood-style crime, minus the "give to the poor" part, lead to a rash of similar hijackings in the near future? You better believe it. Do you have any idea how lucrative yacht piracy is?:

The buccaneers made off with a booty of $183,180 in cash in the attack on the craft, which was anchored off the French island. Jewelry and artwork were also swiped in the daring raid that took only 10 minutes before the buccaneers sped away with their loot. There was no immediate estimate of art and jewelry loss, but it could run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No word on who the faaabulous, now-poorer guests on board were, each of whom reportedly paid almost $250k for a week on the boat. The yacht is owned by NY real estate mogul Jonathan Leitersdorf, so any readers who work for him, please get us some names. And cash. Thx. [NYP]