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Undaunted by the poor reception accorded Hamlet 2, Hollywood is pressing on with two even more unlikely sequels: one likely to provoke an excited "Oh my gahhh!" the other, simply an "Oh my." We'll start with the latter: strange as it may seem, Variety reports that Todd Solondz is moving ahead with an "untitled part-sequel, part-companion piece" to his incredibly unsettling 1998 comedy Happiness. If the idea of a Happiness 2 makes you feel just this far from being completely hysterical 24 hours a day, why not meet its unlikely cast of Pee-Wee Herman, Demi Moore, and Emma Thompson! No, this is not a delayed April Fool's Joke, and there is thus far no word on who will be masturbating on, near, or about whom, but the project will begin shooting this October in San Juan, Puerto Rico (naturally). More wholesome sequel news, after the jump:As excitedly noted by PopWrap, the seminal dance troupe sleeper Center Stage is also getting a sequel, Center Stage: Turn It Up. No Paul Reubens or Demi Moore here, but there are two casting notices that should make many a former teen girl's heart jete: Peter Gallagher is returning as company director Jonathan, and OMG OMG OMG Ethan Stiefel is returning as the positively dreamy Cooper Nielsen OMG. The sequel is set to premiere on Oxygen before making its debut on DVD; no word yet on whether network buddies Tori & Dean will cameo.