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Did Barack Obama's Web czar just admit the campaign screwed up its announcement of Joe Biden as Obama's running mate? At the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Chris Hughes, the Facebook cofounder who left in 2007 to help Obama campaign online, told a crowd of bloggers, including Steve Rhodes, that the plan to freeze out the media and alert supporters via text message and email didn't work out. "The last thing we wanted to do was send out the text message at 3 a.m.," said Hughes.And yet that's what Obama's campaign ended up doing. The plan was to send it out Saturday morning, not in the middle of the night — a time chosen to make things difficult for reporters with advance deadlines. But the campaign's hand, it seems, was forced by intrepid reporters who smoked out Biden by process of elimination. No worries, Chris. The scheme succeeded in its real aim — getting millions of cell-phone numbers to call and text in the runup to Election Day.