Keep Burning Man green — stay home If Burning Man were still held at Ocean Beach, it would be a lot greener. Eighty-seven percent of the 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases generated by this year's party on the playa come from participants driving and flying to and from the event, according to the Cooling Man project. Cooling Man wants Burners to spend ten dollars each to buy carbon offsets. As a former theme-camper, I know money is tight for attendees this week. So I found you a discount to $9.07:Keep Burning Man green — stay home Cooling Man suggests that each Burner's personal contribution averages out to around one ton of greenhouse gas. If you buy one ton of credits, you can claim to have offset your impact. But you can easily lose an hour to option anxiety and bad website navigation trying to buy credits online. Carbon offsetters charge different rates for tonnage. charges $9.07 per ton on their precalculated packages. Like most funds, their site lacks a simple Pay Here Now button on the front door. But there's a custom donation page hiding on the site. Click here , scroll to the bottom of the page, type in $9.07, and then proceed to checkout. I haven't been able to find a carbon credits site that takes PayPal. Anyone ? (Chart by Cooling Man)