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• Poor Gwynnie will have to brave V-Day alone, since Chris Martin's on tour and she's not sure what continent he's on. [NYDN]
• Chris Brown left Las Vegas yesterday, where he'd been holed up at the Hard Rock. He also updated his Facebook page, changing his status to single and writing, "You'll begin to see her true colors. Believe it!" [NYP, E!]
• Jesus Luz, Madonna's 22-year-old "special friend," is now into Kabbalah. [P6]
• Joaquin Phoenix is still running around town acting crazy; it's still unclear if he's drugged out of his mind or if it's just a big hoax. [NYDN]

• Amy Winehouse is moving to a new house in a "leafy suburb" outside London. We're sure the neighbors are thrilled. [Sun]
• Remember those girls Alex Rodriguez was photographed with in the Bahamas? One of them was a New York intern. [NYM]
• A nude pic of a 20-year-old Madonna sold for $37,500 at Christie's. [Mirror]
• On Monday, Hugh Grant was spotted kissing Drew Barrymore; on Tuesday, he was spotted kissing two women at Kiss & Fly. Doh! [P6, NYDN]
Donny Deutsch and Charlie Gasparino got into a little fight yesterday. [P6]
• Angelina Jolie is "creeped out" by octuplet mom (and Jolie look-alike) Nadya Suleman. Join the club, sister. [LAT]
Gemma Ward has put on so much weight that her friends have advised her against appearing in photos. [P6]
• Is The View planning to cut costs by axing Sherri Shepherd? [NYDN]
• Everyone is trying to land an interview with Michael Phelps, natch. [P6]
• The ex-husband of heiress Elena Ford threatened to write a tell-all about her family, but then quickly took it back. [P6]
The City's Jay Lyon says his relationship with Whitney Port is "completely real." Also, he used to date Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. [OK!]
• Tara Reid is launching a clothing line. Yay. [DS]
• Remember Latisse, the drug that thickens your eyelashes? Vanessa Hudgens has a prescription. [NYDN]