'Thunder' Strikes Again in Hollywood Holiday Wasteland Rising and shining today after a long, lucrative season of hits and hits and hits — the second richest on record, we're told — what better way to welcome fall than with a hungover glimpse at the Labor Day weekend's multiplex triumphs? Another day off, you say? We're afraid we can't help you there, so for now, behold your Tuesday Morning Box Office: 1. Tropic Thunder — $14.2 million Against not-so-formidable competition, Ben Stiller's little $90 million-comedy-that-could persisted in first place for the third consecutive week. Fun fact: Thunder became only the sixth R-rated film in history to achieve such longevity, joining the seminal likes of The Whole Nine Yards , American Pie 2 and The Passion of the Christ . And a fourth win isn't out of the question this weekend if America stands up to the horror of Nicolas Cage's latest, Bangkok Dangerous . Why doesn't the Special Olympics lobby protest that degradation ? Another discussion, another time.2. Babylon A.D. — $12 million While our generally impeccable box-office projections last Friday seem to have misapprehended Vin Diesel's lagging appeal, let's be honest: As butchered, disavowed and dumped-on-the-roadside B-pictures go, Babylon 's $12 million take is in no way a reflection of the actor's animated-elephant-epic potential (or lack thereof). We're just saying. 3. The Dark Knight — $11.3 million Three words: Fuck you, Japan . Bonus: The film's cumulative gross tipped $500 million (along with Titanic , the only film to break the barrier domestically); Warners is reportedly using at least half of the money to launch Speed Racer back to its home country in return via the internally developed Batapult™. 4. The House Bunny — $10.7 million Discuss: Between the success of this film, its medium-budget sibling Step Brothers and its lowbrow, high-yield cousin Pineapple Express , Sony Pictures' comedy trifecta is the most underreported story of the summer. 5. Traitor — $10 million Our underdog , all grown up. We're so proud!