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It took Oracle two years, but they've finally hired a CFO to replace Greg Maffei, who left the company after less than a year on the job in 2005. Maffei himself replaced Harry You, who also lasted less than a year. Before You, Jeff Henley held the position for ten years. Oracle co-president Safra Catz handled CFO duties since 2005. A source told the Wall Street Journal nobody wanted the job because unlike at most company's, Oracle's CFO has to report to Larry Ellison's No. 2, Catz, instead of the CEO himself. Come on — anyone who passed up the job for that reason is a moron!Reporting to Ellison would mean having to spend evenings calculating the tax writeoffs on Larry's Love Helicopter and haggling with San Mateo County over the assessed value of his so-Japanese-it's-crazy Woodside estate. Catz may be imperious, but at least she's boring. And she pays well. Epstein will earn a $700,000 salary, though bonuses could push his compensation to $1.2 million.