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Cherished crank Ted Dziuba, the cofounder of news-search startup Pressflip, still hates the Internet. His latest target: OpenID, a technology he accuses of being "too San Francisco" — all idealistic posturing, no practical application. OpenID is a universal user-authorization scheme created by Brad Fitzpatrick back when he was at LiveJournal. An average user, Dziuba complains, doesn't need OpenID if they want to have a shared login across multiple websites — they just use the same login and password across multiple websites.This inefficient behavior bothers people like Fitzpatrick, but not the ordinary Web users who take reregistering for granted. "This shit is too pedantic, too convoluted, and violates too many preconceived notions of how authentication works," writes Dziuba. While it's always fun to watch Dziuba go off, he's also got a point in asking why more software is the answer to, as he puts it, "a problem that doesn't exist." (Photo by adactio)