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• Angelina Jolie was seen apartment hunting in Washington Heights. This comes weeks after Angie and Brad signed the lease on a $100,000-a-month home on Long Island. [Us, NYP]
• Michael Phelps has been hanging out at strip clubs, since it's the only place he can go without having his photo being taken. Good thinking. [P6]
• Lindsay Lohan showed up to a party at Southern Hospitality on Sunday so she could hang out with Chace Crawford. But then he ditched her and she spent the rest of the night "glued" to model May Andersen. [OK!, P6]
Sarah Jessica Parker says the next Sex and the City movie will have to be more recession-friendly. You think? [Us]

• Justin Timberlake avoided the big bunch of models who were all vying for his attention backstage after the William Rast show. [NYDN]
• Stavros Niarchos, Brandon Davis, and Mickey Rourke all showed up to Paris Hilton's birthday party at Butter on Monday night. Kellie Pickler would have been there, if only she could figure out what Butter was. [P6, NYDN]
• More details on Salma Hayek's wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault. [People]
• Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are skipping the Oscars, although they haven't explained why. [OK!]
• Rihanna is reportedly "appalled" by Chris Brown's public apology. [CST]
• Oscar producers are desperate to have new mom M.I.A. perform on this year's show, "even if it means having her do it from a bed." [MSNBC]
• Two people who aren't skipping the Oscars: Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie, who could possibly run into one another at a pre-Oscars bash. [OK!]
• Guy Ritchie has to re-shoot scenes from Sherlock Holmes because he was "distracted" by his divorce from Madonna the first time around. [Sun]
• Michael Jackson's brother, Marlon, is working on a "slavery theme park" in Nigeria. [Guardian]
• Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen might be engaged. [P6]
• Mickey Rourke's 18-year-old chihuahua has died. Our condolences. [E!]
• MC Hammer is getting a reality show on A&E. [THR]
Tim Gunn says Meryl Streep needs to "accept responsibility" for what she wears, since she gets it wrong more often than she gets it right. Ouch. [E!]