Writes our tipster:

Note that we were still expected to wear suits, ties, and dress shirts every fucking day (except "casual" Sunday, when we were "allowed" to wear blazers with dress shirts ties and dress pants), thus leading to at least $100 in dry cleaning costs alone over the course of the summer.

There are internships with far looser rules at news organizations that are better known, better regarded, less slimy, less politically biased and less racist than the wingnut-driven Sun. Some of them even pay! But there is a seemingly endless supply of young writers desperate for some — any! — sort of experience, even if it's at an anemic daily newspaper that doubles as an "animal shelter for unemployed New York writers" and comes complete with the draconian rules required to keep order in such a zoo.

By the way: In addition to the rules above, uppity interns, remember never to say anything nice about a filthy red communist!