While vice-presidential candidates traditionally act as the chief attackers of the opponents, Gov. Palin's speech [at the Republican convention] will focus on her personal narrative and legislative record, not on criticizing the Democratic ticket, said a senior McCain adviser...

The adviser said he would be shocked if she spoke about her daughter's pregnancy, noting that the campaign considers that issue off-limits.

...She has been cramming on Sen. McCain's positions in preparation for a debate against Sen. Biden, who has been involved in national and international affairs for over three decades.

So, just to recap: Palin is useless to McCain as an attack dog; useless in ending the love child scandal; and worse than useless in the debates because Joe Biden will probably eat her alive. There's even been speculation she might leave the ticket.

Meanwhile, the Journal adds, McCain aides are apparently fanning out in Alaska to tamp down any further scandals by somehow keeping all Palin associates from speaking with the press.


While she's going easy on the Democrats and saying nothing of substance about the one issue everyone now associates her with, Palin will apparently try to raise money through 16 events scheduled in swing states this month. Maybe she'd just be better off auctioning her daughter's baby pictures to one of the celebrity weeklies!