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It isn't as easy as you might think to be Harry Potter — sure, there's all that tween-supplied dough to roll in, but whenever your film gets delayed, you know that some crackpot from Fox News will blame it on your private magic wand. Small wonder, then, that Harry portrayer Daniel Radcliffe wants to forgo that magic stick entirely in his next role (or at least tuck it somewhere so hidden you'd need a summoning charm to get it out). Says Details:

I ask him about other dream parts: Super-villain? Terrorist? Sex fiend? "I think part of me would love to play a drag queen," Radcliffe says, "just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup."

Perhaps he could borrow some mascara from the cougar he lost his virginity to? Oh yes, read on:

Ever since Equus added a kinky twist to the end of one of the most well-attended puberties of the decade, Radcliffe's passage into adulthood has been the stuff of feverish speculation. For the record, Master Radcliffe does drink—in moderation and in private. Vodka and Diet Coke is his cocktail of choice, he says, "'cause I'm a pansy-ass civilian." Also for the record, he celebrated reaching Britain's age of consent, 16, almost three years ago, in the customary manner, with an older girlfriend. The age difference "wasn't ridiculous," he says. "But it would freak some people out."

Daniel, Daniel... if we can weather Sharon Stone's new "May/Surgically-Altered December" romance, surely there's no age gap too terrifying for a Potter fan to withstand. Really, we're encouraged by your progress: after all, what better way to develop motor skills needed for untying shoelaces than to practice unhooking a bra?