At long last we get an unobstructed view of Zack and Miri Make A Porno, Kevin Smith's little, "Hey—Let's Put on a Donkey Show and Save the Community Center!" comedy, with this redband trailer. We were hooked quite early into the proceedings, with Justin Long's cameo as an adult male video star. (Come to think of it, the Mac guy has the perfect name to adorn a Falcon DVD sleeve.) Landing upon the perfect theme—Star Whores (maybe chief LucasArts licenser Howard Roffman could lend them a few creamy-skinned boys from his stable)—Zack, the lovely Elizabeth "Miri" Banks, and friends go upon the business of making if not the greatest porn of all time, at least the greatest erotic home video to incorporate the use of magical queef bubbles. Enjoy the filth!